Join AzAPD

Benefits of Membership in AzAPD
The Arizona Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has taken great strides to modify and improve its organizational structure.  In the process, we have been successful in increasing the level of involvement of many of our members. The AzAPD’s membership roster includes many of the premier pediatric dentists in the State of Arizona. The Arizona Academy of Pediatric Dentistry accepts all Active, Life, and Post Doc members of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Arizona Academy of Pediatric Dentistry dues are collected annually, and can be paid along with the AAPD dues. If you have any questions or would like to join the AzAPD, please contact the AzAPD Secretary-Treasurer Ernie Nehrer at or the AzAPD President Tina Ptacek at

Thank You Fall Meeting
In the autumn the AzAPD holds a CE meeting with round table discussions. These meetings promote group interaction and camaraderie as well as offer fellow members the opportunity to gain scientific information, latest clinical techniques, practice management information, policy-making involvement for the specialty.CE
Topics are chosen to reflect the latest clinical techniques and practice management information.  Nationally renowned speakers share their knowledge and insights.  Past speakers include D. Stanley Malamed and Dr. Joel Berg.

Social and Recreational
Monthly dinner events are planned to help renew old friendships and start new ones.  This is a great time to meet new pediatric dentists in the area or say hello to friends from another part of the state.

Reduced Registration Fees
Members receive reduced registration fees for our CE courses.

Publications and Media
Website: The website is an attractive and easy resource for its members, patients and their parents. Each member is listed on the site and only AzAPD members are listed on the site. Parents can use the site to locate a pediatric dentist near them.

Special Media: AzAPD will provide occasional packets of important and useful information to its members in easy to use formats.

Membership in the AzAPD facilitates the pairing of job seeking practitioner members with job seeking members.

Professional Outreach
Professional outreach includes sharing information pertinent to children’s dental health with medical and dental colleagues. The AzAPD provides educational presentations to pediatricians on behalf of pediatric dentists.  We hope to encourage pediatricians to perform infant oral exams and fluoride varnish applications.  The AzAPD wants to ensure that, if such a program is put into place, it is done safely and properly.

Dental Care Programs
The AzAPD involves itself in many areas that affect the practice of pediatric dentistry in Arizona.  We do this by keeping a close liason with the Arizona Dental Association, Arizona state government agencies, the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners, the Arizona Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the insurance industry on issues related to oral health of children.